UX/UI Design

Redesigning the experience of ordering new teeth

Proteket delivers dental appliances such as implants, crowns and bridges through its online platform. The company uses a complete digital solution to handle orders, international logistics, internal operations and shipping of its dental prothesis. By initiating a project with Eggs Design in 2014, Proteket wanted help with the redesign of its interface and looked for a fluid experience between dentists and technicians in the ordering process of a product that is very precise and highly customizable.

The Work

My part in this project was restricted to the selection of products, checkout and order confirmation flows. By using intuitive and familiar graphics, the experience of customizing was simplified to the maximum while still retaining its complexity. A double column layout was used to reduce the amount of scrolling while the cart appears on the right side of the screen with an exact map of the teeth, showing what is being added in a very visual way.

The checkout works just like a regular shopping experience, with capture of user notes, instructions, predicted delivery time and order status for posterior follow-up. Messages between the dentist and Proteket technicians can be exchanged in the order page, making it the temporary communication interface between both users.