Service Design, Project Management, Facilitation

Digital data in a tangible format 

Founded in 2002 in Drammen, the company’s vision is to reshape digital preservation by providing a unique method of recording both analog and digital data onto photosensitive film. By using a proprietary recording technology and specific preservation methods, Piql can ensure a durability of up to 500 years to digital assets.

Formerly known as Cinevation, the company approached Eggs Design to redesign its service offering while transitioning to a franchise model under a new name.

The work

Although having over 10 years of experience in the movies archiving industry, Cinevation wanted a completely new face when opening its offerings for different industries. For this, the project started with workshops using service design techniques that mapped the ideal business model. Ideas that ranged from strategic decisions to marketing materials were explored, and the company was prepared to make a significant change in its core business.

After a few months, a new service experience was established and adopted in all the 12 countries where Piql had clients. This involved the creation of a new branding, new interfaces and marketing material. Today the company offers the physicalizarion and long-term storage of digital assets for many clients, including governments such as Mexico, Norway and Brazil.