Eggs Design

Research, Project Management, Execution

A toolkit for design processes

In a self-initiated project, a small group of designers had the idea of visualizing the company’s design methodology for service, product and digital design in the form of cards. Each card is color coded to show steps of the process, with descriptions and tips of best practices. The decks are also used to visualize project phases, onboard new employees, explain methodologies to clients, or simply given as a gift or as prizes in events.

Work and process

The project was carried out from design to conception, starting with an internal research of our methods and process. Several interviews were made with representatives of different departments, while photos and graphics were gathered to illustrate the cards later on.

Many tests were made to adjust the methods and capture what was suggested in the interviews. Meanwhile, a graphic layout was chosen to estimate the price of production and leave everything ready to start printing as soon as possible.

The front of the card contained the title of each method and 3 points about why it was used for. In the back, suggestions and illustrations of how to best put the method in practice. The first batch of decks, each containing about 50 cards, were printed 40 times in 4x4 colors, 300gr paper with matte coating and distributed to design leaders.