Concept, UX/UI Design

Web-launch of the first ocean drone

Serving as a digital diving mask, Blueye allows anyone to freely explore the ocean’s hidden depths on their smartphone or tablet and then share high-quality videos of their underwater adventures online with a cinematic experience made by the world’s rst ocean drone for consumers.

In this project, Blueye wanted to tell the story of the product and publish the pre-reservation campaign in a responsive, friendly and engaging website.

The Work

Due to the sudden attention that the product got from the public and media, the pre-reservation website had to be sketched and prototyped from scratch in 2 weeks time. The initial layout was made with the Eggs Design's branding team in Brazil, while the HTML, CSS and Javascript was being setup by the development team in Norway. In a quick time, 4 people worked together to design and prototype the first version of the website, which then was connected to the payment service - the pre-reservation required a small deposit - and emitted a certificate.

The flow involved the design of after-purchase experience, such as emails, receipt and early-bird's welcome letter. After being online for a couple of months, Blueye took over and made its own company website using the hotsite design and code as a base.